ya i know it is bad to do thi but again i am getting a new blog! Thi time cuz i got a new email! It is under construction now and wont open for a little bit. But i hope it will be soon!!!!bye.


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Im baaaaaack!!!

Hola im back! Yellowstone park was fun but it was COLD! Not one day was over 75 i think! And it snowed in cooke city! But Im here I am in the prossese of updating some things around here like pages and maybe a new theme! But that is for you to decide! On the side on this here blog vote on if i should change my them or not! The poll will be here for one week so vote now!!! Bu- Bye randomness luvers!!

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Vaca and More!

I will be going on vacation tommorow!!! But i wont be posting until either the 9th, 10th, or 11th of Aug.! I know i have not been posting but i have not had much insapration but now i do! I will be posting funny pics, random topics and something new! I will be bringin my life on Club Pengin and Whyville! All the eventsgoing on in both places will be told about. Also I will be postig about my friends and just regular days on those site! My username is CP is Star 13 17 and my username on Whyville is Star13211. Here are the web addresses. and .Go there and nake someone! On whyville when it askes you for a promo code put in this 7404568 . soenter that in when you go on whyville! If you have questions comment me and i will help! See you in about 5 days!!!

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Ok today i had to got to go to the dentist. It is really not that bad except for the floride treatments! That sutff sux. booo… but anyway i just wanted to show you two deranged dentists!

Killer lady stare aaaaaaaaaaaahh. but you will luv the next one.

barney dentist

awwww how NOT CUTE!!!! well thats two weird dentists! hey they could be cousins!!!!! well bye!!!

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Well on Sunday and Monday I will be camping in the wilderness! oooooooo aaaaaaaaaa!!! We only have  tiny tent trailer to sleep in tho. We just got it last year so this is the second year we have had it! All the other times we went we slept in a tent on an air mattress. Tents can be fun but a trailer is nice too! That all 4 now! bu-bye!!!!!

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I am in a random mood so well… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


O sorry i noded of there anyway here are some pic of weird hats!!!

Seeeeee! I like the hot dog!!!!! me hungry!!!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!  well i am done now! Here is Star 1317 signing off!


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Ok today is NOT the bestday ever so shut up spongebob!

N’ways the reason why is i have to get 2 shots! count um 2! on is mmr and the other is tetnus! boooooooooooo…  well i guess that is on of the down sides of goin into 7th grade! So… well… bye!

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On Tuesday our dishwasher broke so we have to get a new one. Last night we pent 2 hours looking 4 one and finally found one. So from pure brodem I present weird pics of dishwashers.

The do really does not care about if he eats on dirty stuff or not!

The dishwasher has an accident!

Can I help!!!

That is all I have to show you. That concludes the showings of the different dishwashers! Good night everyone!!!

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Some of the Weiredest Movie Covers of All Time!

I was looking on google and i saw some very funny and weird movies covers that u just have to see! Here they are!

Just look at them!

That mouth is a little weird!

That girl has anger managment problems!

Umm maybe its the CREEPY FACE!


So i hope you liked the covers. bye-bye!!

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The Depression Song

The Depression Song By: Star 13 17 and Wiifan7 10 ( )

Big black clouds make me HAPPY
but sunny skies make me DEPRSSED 
Emo ppl make me HAPPY
but peppy ppl make me DEPRESSED


I love black, it makes me HAPPY
but I hate yellow, it makes me DEPRESSED
I love killer whales they make me HAPPY
but nice whales make me DEPRESSED



Hope you liked our song! Thank you and good night!











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